Ariston® Freestanding Freezer 6 Drawers Stainless Steel 222 Liter


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  • Brand: Ariston
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The automatic no frost system works to prevent snow from forming or accumulating in the deep freezer, which leads to improving efficiency and extending the life of the deep freezer. The No Frost system resets the temperature to the preset temperature 40% faster in order to keep the products always fresh..
Fast Freeze Function: -
With Ariston Deep Freezer, you will not have any problem with your weekly purchases because it freezes fresh food quickly and thus you can preserve the flavor and nutritional value of the food.
Multiple airflow Multi Air Flow:-
It has multiple cooling-ventilation holes that distribute and circulate cold air in every corner of the freezer, ensuring that every item is properly cooled.
Touch screen control: -
Equipped with an external digital control screen in the door for easy control and adjustment of freezer temperatures
Capacity (Liter) 222 Liter
Dimension Gross Height (cm) : 167.0 Width (cm) : 59.5 Depth (cm) : 64.5
Energy Annual Consumption 288 KW
Energy Class A+
Number Of Drawer 6 Drawers
Color Silver

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